• slagRebel Tool

    slagRebel Tool

    slagRebel uses patent-pending technology to quickly and efficiently clear slag blowback from cutting tips through manual hydraulic action. Manufactured in the USA, slagRebel is made from ASTM GR. 303 Stainless Steel and is designed to last an entire welding career.

    slagRebel Tool
  • slagRebel Components

    slagRebel Components

    slagRebel Components
  • slagRebel Kit

    slagRebel Kit

    Includes slagRebel tool, spare O-rings, a set of 2 inserts for Victor-type cutting tips or a set of 3 inserts for Harris-type cutting tips.

    slagRebel Kit
Improve Productivity
Reduce wasted crew and equipment downtime
Reduce Tip Costs
Save up to 70% in cutting tip replacement costs
Clear Slag Fast
Remove blowback slag in under a minute
Improve Safety
Reduce your TRIR by eliminating hand injuries caused by tip drilling
Environmentally Friendly
slagRebel uses potable water as a hydraulic medium
Satisfaction Guaranteed
slagRebel comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

Clears cutting tips safely and quickly

slagRebel will safely clear blowback slag from oxy-acetylene cutting tips in less than a minute.
Clears cutting tips safely and quickly

Featured in fabricator® magazine

Technology Spotlight: Clearing out the blowback slag.
"A new tool makes it easier to clean out a cutting tip, extending its life and cutting down on lost production time."
Featured in fabricator® magazine

Watch the video

See a demonstration of how slagRebel will quickly and safely clear blowback slag

Industry Feedback

We're hearing great things!

"I got to use the Slag Rebel today. I had three Journeyman tips that were clogged and it cleared all of them in one attempt."
“The slagRebel is great news for this old truck driver, attorney, oilfield “wildcat” driller that loves to use the cutting torch to cut up my oil location junk which is always rusty and sulfureted. My Dad, God bless his soul, would say “that” if you don’t quit plugging up the cutting torch tips, I’m going to make you pay for the new tips.”
“What a terrific product!”
"Simplicity of resolving an issue that has caused issues for decades. Well done Mr. Steel, evolution in the industry!!"
“If something like this had been available in the early days of the North Sea, the fab yards would have saved a fortune.”
“This tool will be a saver through-out the industry in relation to costs, time and value. It has the technical ability to enhance the works and reduce much frustrations. Excellent product.”