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Why do you recommend using water instead of normal hydraulic oil?

Petroleum base oils are combustible when mixed with oxygen. Water is non-combustible, performs as well as a hydraulic medium, is clean and readily available

What care do you recommend for the tool to prevent premature wearing of parts?

Clean with fresh water and dry the tool after each use, and store away from grinding and cutting operations.

How can I avoid damaging the striking surface of the piston?

We recommend using a 24 oz. dead blow hammer for best results. It is hard rubber and also suitable for use in combustible work areas where sparking is prohibited. It could be one less hot work permit depending on your company requirements.

How hard should I strike the piston with a hammer?

The operator can manually strike the hammer as hard as needed to dislodge the blowback slag. The harder the operator strikes, the more force is created to dislodge that slag. We calculate that 100 foot pounds of striking force creates approximately 35 psi of pressure that is normally sufficient to dislodge and clear the orifices of blowback slag.

What should I do if all the cutting tip orifices are not cleared of blowback slag?

Repeat the operation with more striking force.

What are the O-ring specifications in case they need to be replaced?

BUNA / DASH 111 / 70 Durometer. We include a set of spares O-rings with the purchase of each slagRebel tool kit.

When all the orifices are not clogged, the water leaks through to the bottom member. How can I prevent this?

Hold your finger on the lower member weep hole until just before striking the piston.

What parts are included in the purchase of a tool?

The price of the tool includes the tool fully assembled and tested, with the designated Acetal inserts from your order, a spare set of O-rings, and a holster. Additional parts and spares are listed in the website.

What cutting tips are the slagRebel Acetal tip inserts compatible with?

Victor Type Series 100, Victor Type Series 300, and Harris Type cutting tips. slagRebel is not currently designed for use with Smith Type long neck tips and all makes of scarfing tips or specialty tips. Please contact us about options for other cutting tips.

Are slagRebel tool kits available for international purchase?

Yes, slagRebel tool kits can purchased from select countries. Please contact us for your country availability and payment instructions.